Charity Season

Thanksgiving’s over, Christmas is coming! Are you excited?

These wonderful times of the year always remind me how lucky I am to live free happy, safe, healthy and sheltered, having a place I can call Home. I also feel extremely grateful and lucky benefitting from a good education since my early childhood. Our French educational system is far from being perfect and definitly need to be improved and modernized, however, we are still able to attend public school freely, to chose our professional path among a large scope of possibilties, to benefit from great teacher’s knowledge, and to feel safe and properly equiped in any school to learn comfortably in good conditions. Here, in America, even if education is expensive and financial helps are harder to get, teenagers still have plenty of opportunities to enjoy a proper education in excellent condition… Today, learning and going to school might seem normal, usual, and even annoying sometimes. Sadly, we all take it for granted too often. However, today even if Europe is known as a powerful union, some countries are still poorly equiped and unable to provide basic educational tools to its children. It is happening in our neighbooring countries and we are ignoring it. We are too used to our comfort to realize that some people near us still need help. Hopefully, some amazing people are here to reverse the trend, raise awarness and help these children improving their school conditions. Thus I am dedicating them this article, hoping  to help them earning more deserved recognition and support. Even $10 given to their kitty can make a difference. Lets launch our Thanksgiving and Christmas spirit with a good deed. The philantropic season can begin!

Yaute qui peut

Alexy, Emma and Jeanne-Ly are three french students endowed with a wanderlust spirit and a will to enhance East European children’s educational conditions by providing them proper school material. I’m pretty sure you never though about that before? But how effective would you be at school if you had no pens, no notebooks, and no books?… Well, these three friends realised early enough that qualitative school materials are essential to learn efficiently. Thus, they are planning to transport 155 pounds of school tools for Eastern Europe’ schools. To serve that purpose, Yaute Qui Peut is working with the Europ’Raid 2019 to raise necessary funds to buy all the equipment they need to fulfill their goals. Once their financial objectives achieved; Alexy, Emma, and Jeanne-Ly will be able to buy a super-cool-vintage car and a bunch of school material, and their beautiful and generous adventure will begin! Yaute Qui Peut will have 23 days to cross 20 East-European countries and distribute all the school supplies WE are helping them to acquire right now. By supporting them, you are directly helping several children by improving their school conditions. In addition, Yaute Qui Peut wants every sponsor to travel a bit with them, thus they reward any donation with postcards, taggs on their future car, bracelet, or souvenir from one of the many countries they are about to cross. Yaute Qui Peut’s website is professional and provide secured payment. Indeed, you will automatically receive a payment confirmation directly after any donation. Thus, if you want to help improving children education in Eastern Europe and travel a little bit accross France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, or Belgium while staying comfy in your bed, you definitly have to follow Alexy, Emma, and Jeanne-Ly magic travel on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Don’t forget to make a donation HERE , every bucks count! Some great professional and famous office supplies companies such as MAPED already believe in them, why won’t you?




Upon Yaute Qui Peut’s same idea. Les IDE dans le désert is a project leaded by two girls studying nursery: Claire and Manon. These two adorable girls want to distribute shcool supplies as well, but this time the targeted country is Morocco driving a very cute vintage car too. Just as Yaute Qui Peut, Claire and Manon need donations in order to submit their completed application form and leave France with as much as  supplies as possible. Claire and Manon’s adventure can be followed via their Facebook account, and donations can be made on their leetchi website just HERE . The only difference is that instead of working with Europ’Raid, Claire and Manon are organizing their trip with the 4L Trophy. They also need your generosity !


Both Yaute Qui Peut and Les IDE dans le Désert have attributed deadlines to complete their final application form and achieve their financial goals, otherwise, they might not be able to start their trip to help East-European and Moroccan child… If you need any further information about these two projects, feel free to contact me here or on Instagram.

I hope this article awaken your generosity.


Fashionably yours, Cece


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