Fall in NYC – A Cheerful List of Exciting Events Coming In Fall

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You need a jacket when you leave home in the morning, the sun is already set when you get out of work, you wrote “wool sweater”, “suede boots” and “trench coat” on your shopping bucket list and your instagram feed is slowly turning rust-coloured? It’s a fact: Fall is around the corner. I know we all got a little annoyed, not essentially about Fall starting soon, but more about Summer being already over… But think about it: Isn’t Fall a marvellous season? To me, fall rhymes with beautiful colors in the trees, a cooler weather allowing us so much fashion fantasies, halloween parties, fashion week, Thanksgiving, rainy Sunday afternoons spent under a nice blanket re-reading Harry Potter (or simply binge-watching Gossip Girl, apple-picking with friends, and the launch of This Is Us season 4!

Honestly before moving in New York City, I used to hate Fall and found this season a bit depressing, maybe because of the colder temperatures, or because it was time to go back to school… However, I’ve changed my mind after last year when I actually experienced my first Fall in New York. Because, guess what? In Fall, there are so many things to be excited about, especially in New York. Now, Fall rhymes with excitement. I’ve completely  changed my mindset, and I’m just thrilled about Fall and all the delights it brings. If you need a little help to change your mindset as well, here is a list of exciting events happening in New York City in the Fall. Lets start the pumpkin spice’s season with smiles and enthusiasm!

The Bridal Fashion Week: October 5th – 10th

Indeed, after spending the Summer designing beautiful collections showcasing exclusive future trends, our favorite designers are back on track. After the New York Fashion Week held from September 6th to 14th, the Bridal Fashion Week is coming soon. Fall being the ending point of the wedding season, our favorite Bridal designers had several calmer months of warm hard work to create new wonderful trends. Today, the time has come to present these marvellous silhouettes to the World! The Bridal Fashion week is very unique and different from other event of the Fashion Industry, which makes it very exciting and exclusive. However, the trends displayed during the Fashion Week really often resonates in the new models presented on the Bridal Fashion Week’s runways, which is a fascinating reason to follow this white, fluffy, and sparkly event. If you cannot attend, you can always follow our upcoming blog posts, and our social media for more Bridal Fashion Week content. We’ll make sure to share everything with you. It will almost be as if you were there.

Madame X by Madonna: September 23rd – October 5th

The Queen of Pop is back with a new Album! She will be in New York City for a series of special shows at the wonderful Bam Howard Gilman Opera House. Book your tickets and wear your sparkliest summer clothes and dancing shoes one last time because it’s gonna be caliente! Indeed, Madame X is a latin-inspired album, so get ready to dance a lot and extend summer one more night.

Open House New York: October 19th-20th

Have you ever dreamed of visiting off-limits places in New York? A botanical garden, a private rooftop, the backstage of a historic theater… Well, during this exclusive week-end, you’ll have the chance to discover some private and even secret treasures usually hidden by the City and inaccessible for the 363 other days of the year.

The Halloween Parade: October 31st

Every year the spooky and impressive NYC’s Halloween parade attracts a crowd of all ages and colors. A lot of people are even travelling for the occasion since the parade is simply creepily beautiful. You’ll be blown away by the costumes, the choreography and the giant and terrifying puppets.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: November 28th

Thanksgiving already being one of the happiest days of the year, Macy spoils New Yorkers with its amazing and so entertaining parade. Both children and adults will enjoy and smile at the giant balloons, the high-kicking Rockettes and the presence of several celebrities both in the crowd and in the parade! Isn’t it exciting?

The NYC Marathon: November 3rd

If you haven’t started practicing yet, well it’s seriously time to grab your running shoes and go! The NYC Marathon is at the corner and you better be prepared to run among more than 40,000 other marathoners coming from all over the World for this special occasion. The Marathon will cross all five NYC’s boroughs during the 26.2 – mile course!

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular: November 8th – January 5th

New Yorkers are serious when it comes to Christmas and start to prepare more than a month ahead! Thus, be ready to book your tickets very soon if you want to see the oh-so-famous Rockettes and The Nutcrackers because they’re all coming in November. Fall’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, don’t you think?

After reading these exciting events coming very soon to entertain and cheer up the whole City, there’s no way you’re still sad about Fall! What an exciting season representing the ideal transition between Summer and the magic of Winter!


Hi everyone! I’m back on the blog after a very long absence. I had a lof of professional changes in my life which required me to be 100% commited to this new moves – which ultimately made me neglect the blog. Many of you asked me if I was about to close the blog, and the answer is NO!!!! I’m actually about to post more now I’ve figured my new daily schedule out 🙂

My new job at LLG allows me to write a lot, which is one of the many reasons why I absolutely love it! Actually, even this very blog post had initially be written for my company hehe. Here’s a link ! I strongly recommend you to check out our website where you’ll be able to read a lot of other articles that me and my colleagues wrote over the last months! Fashion, events, weddings, travel, news… We talk about EVERYTHING! 


— With love, Cece

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