New York Fashion Week – Interview with Inbal Dror

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If you know me, you know I’ve always been crazy about fashion, and about New York City. Way longer before I’ve started to work in Fashion, and even longer before I even started to imagine that I could live in NYC one day, I was already dreaming to attend the one and only New York Fashion Week. Growing up, my fashion interests narrowed and I ended up being very into French, Italian, and Libanese brands. Among these lasts, I discovered a few years ago a bridal designer which were amazing at re-explore some fashion iconic basics and classics to turn it trendier, her name is Inbal Dror. She’s the only Libanese fashion designer who (almost) stole my heart away from Zuhair Murad! I obviously felt overcomed with happiness and gratitude when my boss told me that our company was invited to Inbal Dror’s fashion show for NYC’ Bridal Fashion Week and that she wanted me to go and represent the company there. I actually almost cried. A week and a black suit and sparkling necklace later, I was in my way to Chelsea to attend Inbal Dror’s wonderful runway.

Among many other, something I particularly like about Inbal Dror is her contemporary silhouettes, which are so unique while always right on trend (not to say AHEAD of trends). It’s an understatement to say that Inbal Dror definitely has a distinguished  fashion identity making any of her dresses perfectly recognizable. The same way you’ll always say “It’s Chanel” when seeing a tweed jacket, you’ll say “It’s Inbal Dror” when seeing any of her models, yet so different but so unique. Inbal Dror’ gowns are not noticeable by any key-elements but by their incomparable style. It takes a lot of talent for a designer to create such a brand identity in only a few years… Indeed, Inbal Dror launched her bridal etiquette only in 2014 and has been greatly successful since. Inbal has an eye for detail and a sense of style allowing her to foresee trends ahead of time.

Inbal Dror’s new collection is a perfect reflection of her brand identity. Indeed the 25 models presented on the runway of New York fashion shows all showcase different trends and various styles to suit any type of bride while always keeping the magic of Inbal Dror’s essence. I’ve listed the different trends I’ve foreseen during Inbal Dror’s fashion show:


The new collection displays shades of Ivory, nude, blush, and many silver accents. Iconic yet trendy bridal colors delicately combined with ethereal and smooth materials such as tulle, lace, or different variation of chiffon: stretch chiffon, crepe chiffon… Inbal Dror explored this combination and materials through transparency and sparkles to give her collection a feminine and angelic air.

“My inspiration derives from my belief that the bride glows on her wedding day with a halo, making her the center of a spiritual event. She is a symbol of devotion and tradition. Her dress reflects the eternal feelings she emanates with shiny and magical look – It’s a fashion icon. I want my brides to look heavenly on this most important day of her life” says Dror to describe her collection.


Among the 25 beautiful and unique gowns, some trends and styles were recurring: off-shoulder and sweetheart necklines, shoulder accents with 3D floral elements, deep V cleavages and low back cuts, asymmetric cuts, long and partially transparent sleeves, and flounces. The runway also showcased iconic silhouettes such as mermaid dresses, ball gowns, (detachable) trains, body-skimming dresses and waist-defining silhouettes among some bolder styles like mini dresses or slit skirts. The angelic allure was always present and smartly derived in different styles with boho-chic dresses, Italian wedding dresses inspirations and even some Greek mythology styles. The talented Inbal Dror found a great balance between European and Oriental inspirations while always incorporating some sexy touches such as lingerie bustiers, without ever falling into provocation or vulgarity. Honorably, even the most stripped silhouettes were still highly elegant. After all, even angels are denuded.


Every gown was embellished by some of the following elements: floral 3D accents, frills and furbelows, detachable elements such as trains or overskirts, capes – which are so trendy lately and slowly seem to replace veils – bows, pearls, sequined crochet, feathers (yes, they’re back!), and mirror embroidery. This last element is extremely interesting since we recently saw a growth in interest in the mirrors design elements incorporated into wedding decors such as mirror aisles, mirror arches, or mirror tables and plates. Not more than 2 weeks ago, we were in California preparing a wonderful wedding incorporating mirror elements! However mirror embroidery or wedding gowns are a first, and we’re absolutely not surprised that Inbal Dror is the one who brought it first on the Bridal Fashion Week runways. After all, Inbal Dror is also the one who launched the headband trend with her 2019’s collection.

In fact, Inbal Dror becomes a very reliable trend source when it comes to bridal accessories. Thus, I would highly recommend keeping an eye on the last accessories popping up on her lastest collections:

  • More headbands used to represent the angelic aura of brides.

  • Cape-sleeves giving an ethereal air to brides, almost as if the sleeves were angel wings

  • Light scarves, which are a first on a bridal fashion show and suggest modesty

  • Belts, marking a feminine silhouette

The styles were very different and catered to many different styles, bodies, and even ages. Also, many of these dresses were easily imaginable on beautiful middle east beaches, oriental palaces, or in a desert. Indeed, these light and soft materials, transparent styles and open cuts make Dror’s new collection perfect for warmer weather weddings or destination weddings in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or even if Utah’s desert.


The fashion show ended on a lovely surprise which brought a lot of us on the edge of tears when the dramatic music suddenly took a lullaby air to welcome Inbal Dor’s daughter, Emma. The angelic beauty elegantly dressed in another elegant new white dress moved everyone. Once I regained my composure, I had the incredible chance to take a closer glimpse at every dress when I went backstages to meet Inbal and her daughter for an intimate interview before they had to fly back to Israel:

Cece: Congratulations On This Beautiful Collection. It Is So Nice To Meet You Inbal And Emma. Similarly To Last Year’s Collection, The Runways Showed A Lot Of Headbands, Which We All Know Now That You Launched This Trend Currently Moving The Whole Fashion Industry And Getting Incorporated In The Most Famous Brand And Designer’s Collection Worldwide. How Did You Envision This Upcoming Trend When You Were The First To Incorporate It In Your 2019 Collection? And How Do You Feel About Having Launched A Huge Trend In The Fashion Industry?

Inabl: Honestly, I Had No Idea The Headbands I’ve Created And Incorporated In My Previous Collections Were About To Change The Fashion Industry And Never Imagined That It Would Become Such A Huge Trend This Year. The Reason Why I Incorporate Headbands In My Collections Is Because I Simply Like It (Laughs). I’m Really Happy That My Ideas Inspired Other Designers And I’m Glad They’re Now Incorporating Headbands In Their Collections As Well. I Don’t Mind Them Using My Inspirations, It Makes Me Happy And Proud. 

Cece: It Was Very Bold To Have A Child Model On Your Show Today With Your Daughter Walking The Runway In A White Dress. In An Air Where Child Marriage Is A Fight, You Took A Risk. However, The Music Choice And The Dramatic Air Taken By Emma Gave The Great Impression That You Were Trying To Convey A Message To Show How Pure And Innocent Children Are, And How Little Girls Are Not Supposed To Get Married. What Are Your Insights? 

Inbal: It All Started With Emma’s Birthday, She Didn’t Want To Have A Party Since She Already Had A Bar Mitzvah Recently And She’s Not So Interested In Parties Yet. What She Really Wanted For Her Birthday Was To Come With Me In New York City, And When I Offered Her To Walk The Runway She Was So Excited, So That Was My Special Birthday Gift For Her. In Addition, Especially In My Country, I Receive A Lot Of Requests For Flower Girls Gowns. In Many Countries, Having Flower Girls To A Wedding Is Still An Important Tradition, And Many People Come To Me Especially For Flower Girls Dresses. So It Made Sense For Me To Start To Show Flower Girls Dresses On Runways Since It’s Becoming A Big Aspect Of My Brand. When Designing Flower Girls Dresses, I Always Make Sure These Dresses Are Not Sexy At All! I Don’t Want Body-Skimming Shapes, Transparency, Or Bold Elements… These Dresses Have To Remain Simple And Flared. That’s Also Why I Insisted On Emma’s Look Today To Make Sure She Doesn’t Look Like A Bride Even If She Was Walking A Bridal Runway With A White Dress. I’m Totally Against Child Marriage And Will Never Let Any Of My Flower Girl Dresses Be Worn For Child Marriages Or Mistaken For Child-Brides Wedding Dresses. 


Attending Inbal Dror’s runways was already amazing, but interviewing her and witnessing how genuine and kind she is, and how devoted she is as a mom gave me a real understanding of why Inbal Dror’s brand is so unique. In fact, Inbal Dror’s brand is just reflecting the lovely personality of her designer.

— Fashionably yours, Cece


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